2017 Starlite Editions: All Starlite Orders will take between 8-12 months at minimum to complete.

USAFA 2017 Starlite Edition: DEPOSIT ONLY
USAFA 2017 Starlite Edition: DEPOSIT ONLY
Item# 17SL
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Artwork Description

The Starlite Edition is one of the most unique works of art in the world! Rick Broome has mastered and perfected this technique. The Starlite shows your painting in a Day scene and then transforms to a Nocturnal scene under special UV LED lighting. These paintings actually come to life. Each painting is hand done by Rick and requires a minimum of 50 hours to complete. The price includes our trademarked UV LED Starlite frame.

Thank you for shopping with us. By purchasing any of Rick's works, you become part of a family of collectors that spans over 50 years. Your art is part of a legacy that will last for generations...