USAFA 2005 Original Painting on Linen

USAFA 2005 Original Painting on Linen

USAFA 2005 Original Painting on Linen
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The 2005 Official Class Painting, "To Match My Mountains..." by Richard R. Broome, is his most valuable work of art created to date. This is the painting that is a career defining his legacy.

The Original Painting took over two and a half years to create and has over 4000 hours invested in the Original. The most iconic part of the painting is the "Bring Me Men..." sign that has over 200 coats of paint to make it stand out from the painting.

Started in 2003, the Original painting is a masterpiece in every aspect. Measuring approximately 40x54, 48x62 framed, the painting has detail that goes above and beyond. From the number of stain glass windows in the chapel to the stars on the flag.

This painting is currently available. The only reason it does not hang at the Academy is because of the Bring Me Men sign. The sign came down in 2004 but the class chose to leave it in the painting. Politics kept the painting from going to the Academy, which was unfortunate but also a stroke of luck for the collection that is still at the Studio.


The current offering price of this painting is $1,250,000.00. This price is negotiable under certain circumstances...

Once a buyer comes forward, we will coordinate delivery and payment. A Deposit of 30% of the purchase price will be required.

This painting will NOT be shipped under zero circumstances. Because of value, the buyer must take possession of the work in person. We will work with the buyer to make this happen.

Once a buyer is found, the painting will not be delivered until after the transaction is approved, funds transferred and cleared, and contracts signed transferring ownership. Rick Broome Studios will maintain All Reproduction and Copyrights. However, reproduction rights can be purchased separately.

For inquiries, please email James Broome at:
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