USAFA 2020 Class Painting Pre-Order!

USAFA 2020 Class Painting Pre-Order!
We are excited to be starting the 2020 Class Painting Project. Although the final concept has yet to be decided, it will feature 2 A-10s looking west into a sunset with a menacing Thunderstorm. Two initial concepts are shown here. NOTE: The painting is a work in progress. This may change dramatically once Rick gets to work on canvas. For now, we just have a theme to show with approximate views...

We are currently accepting Pre-Orders. This is a $25 deposit to hold your painting and guarantee the lowest possible price. The prices shown above are average starting prices. Prices do increase as we get closer to graduation...

The more pre-orders we get, the more options you will have. This includes different sizes, framing, Starlites, etc. Also, the more orders we receive, the lower the pricing will be. Once the concept is in place, we will contact everyone who placed a pre-order with options.

For questions, please contact James at
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