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2019 Official Class Painting: Neil Armstrong Space Painting

USAFA 2019 Official Class Exemplar Painting: Pre Publication
USAFA 2019 Official Class Exemplar Painting: Pre Publication
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Market Value: $375.00
Gallery Price: $119.00
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Product Description

The 2019 Class Painting is going to be a first. For the first time in the projects history, the Class Painting will not feature airplanes over the Academy. This painting is a Space painting and a tribute to the Class Exemplar, Neil Armstrong.

Featuring a view from Space showing the earth and moon with the earth as seen from the Space Station focusing on the Colorado Front Range. Neil is silhouetted with Apollo 11 behind him. Looking close, you will see the reflection of the Chapel in Armstrong's Visor.

This years Class Painting is also going to be limited. Instead of deposits and payments changing over time, we are offering only one size to eliminate confusion and too many choices. The FIRST 119 editions will be available at the lowest price and we are only offering a payment in full for the lowest price. Deposits of 50% and balance due of the other 50% is the only payment option on the standard edition. This option is more expensive as well due to the management of each order.

We are hoping to have the Painting done and ready by Ring Dance...


2019 Class Painting: Starlite Edition 20x24 Canvas Remastered
Market Value: $4,500.00
Gallery Price: $1,919.00