USAFA 2017 Canvas Editions: Unframed
USAFA 2017 Canvas Editions: Unframed
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Artwork Description

We have several sizes available on Canvas for each of our Class Paintings. Some options will come and go periodically depending on requests. All unframed editions are shipped to your door within 6-8 weeks depending on production levels. Most will arrive within a week but certain times of the year are busier for us which is why we make sure all know it may take time to receive. Unless it is needed quickly, please be patient with us.

Many of our collectors like to frame their artwork themselves. Order your painting unframed to give you the option to pick your frame out our have it shipped home for framing at a later date.

Thank you for shopping with us. By purchasing any of Rick's works, you become part of a family of collectors that spans over 50 years. Your art is part of a legacy that will last for generations...