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United States Air Force Academy Official Class Prints from 1980-1989

United States Air Force Academy Official Class Prints 1980-1989
The 1980s were a decade of turmoil, and uncertainty. Coming off of the Iran Hostage Crises, Rick's Career made a drastic change from focusing on Flights of Fancy, to highlighting American Air Power. With the Cold War still a threat to the peace of the world, USAFA Cadets were being groomed for the threats of the future. Rick's paintings were a depiction of what the Cadets were soon to face, and the artwork kept getting better. With that, Rick himself was threatened as Copycats, and other artists started to complain that they should get a shot at doing the paintings as well. Unfortunately, those that conspired to take the project from Rick, were successful to an extent. Rick lost the project in 1986 to a Cadet. In 1988, he lost it to again. Even though this happened, the Cadets & Grads were Loyal to Rick, knowing that he and he alone was the pioneer of the project and should be the only one doing it. One thing holds true to this day, Although others attempted and succeeded, it's obvious that only One Artist is the True Artist when it comes to the class painting...This being true, almost ALL the paintings done from 1980-1989 either SOLD OUT, or are on the Brink of being SOLD OUT...This speaks volumes to the commitment and career that started in 1974...