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Trademarked Silver & Black Floating Wood Starlite Frame

Trademarked Silver & Black Floating Wood Starlite Frame
Item# SLledUVfr
Market Value: $975.00
Gallery Price: $650.00

Product Description


Our Trademarked Starlite Frame was initially designed in the early 1990's. We wanted to develop a frame that would allow the lighting to be "built in" so Rick's Trademarked Starlite Originals could be viewed the way they were supposed to be seen. About 4 years ago, our initial Shadowbox frame with Glass and Matting became obsolete. The actual frame was almost impossible to find, and the lighting, which is a blacklight tube and fixture, also became difficult and expensive to find. Solution, find another frame that had the depth of the initial design, and find a new way to add the lighting. That came with the design and market availability of LED UV lighting. Now, we have a frame that is not bulky, light, and shows off the Starlites like no other. Furthermore, there is no need for glass, and the LED's last up to 100K hours vs. the 8000 hours the old bulbs would last. This was the perfect solution that will last for years to come...The Starlite Frame is labor extensive and takes about 2 hours to build. They list for over $975.00, but we sell them at cost for upgrades, and they are included in the price of new Starlite Original Purchases...