Slightly Flawed but Perfectly fit for any Aviation Enthusiast!

Slightly Flawed Artwork!
These works are all still salable artwork but not at Mint Condition or New Pricing. Most of the flaws are either small scratches, a ding in the corner, or maybe some ink color variation. In most cases, the damage can be covered with framing.

All Pieces show actual art and not stock photography...

Products will be added within the next several weeks and then updated when moved. Most pieces are One Off and do not have duplicates...

USAFA 2011 "Old's Triple Nickel" 14x20 Framed: Slight Damage
Market Value: $350.00
Gallery Price $125.00
Dover C-17 over Dover Memorial Bridge: 3 Available
Market Value: $75.00
Gallery Price $25.00
United Airlines DC-3: With Custom Border. Art Proof. 1 Available
Market Value: $100.00
Gallery Price $45.00
Thank you for shopping with us. By purchasing any of Rick's works, you become part of a family of collectors that spans over 50 years. Your art is part of a legacy that will last for generations...