Original Derivative Starlite's

Original Derivative Starlite's
The Starlite is one of the most unique works of art you can own. Rick developed this technique back when he was just a kid and has worked to perfect it over the years. There are other "artists" that use similar styles but Rick is truly the original painter of light. We coined it "Starlite".

Starlite's go from a day scene to a night or "Starlite" scene under special UV lighting. They literally change before your eyes. The most amazing thing is that you cannot see the difference under regular lighting. Dim the lights though and watch your painting come to life.

Starlites are all hand re-mastered by Rick. Each one will take between 40-90 hours to complete. Once completed, they are considered an Original Derivative, which gives them a much higher value.

Any of Rick's work can be turned into a Starlite. We have well over 2000 collectors now who own a Starlite and we hope to add you to that list.

Because of price, we offer very easy payment plans. From monthly installments to breaking up into equal payments, all our Starlites can be affordable.

Starlites take time so understand that when you commission one, you are commissioning an Original. Although we try to get them out in a short amount of time, it all depends on what's on Rick's production schedule. Patience is a must but the wait is worth it. You can't "rush" art!

When commissioning a Starlite, make sure to consider upgrading to our custom built Starlite Frame. The Starlite frame is hand made and includes the lighting in the frame. We use our floating frame for the Starlites and add the lighting. The list price on our frame starts around $400 for the smaller frame and up to $1500 for the largest...
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