ArtScape Sets: Two & Three Piece Sets. Starting a collection...

ArtScape Sets: Two & Three Set options.
We offer special pricing on Two and Three Piece sets. Order any two or three ArtScapes and save. This is a Great way to display and start a collection.

Two piece sets are larger and are up to 36 inches unframed. Perfect for that wall in the living room.

Three piece sets are a bit smaller but create a fantastic diorama for those really wanting to showcase their art. Three piece sets will be between 20 and 24 inches at the largest dimension. We suggest going with two of the same orientation and the third the opposite for best display.

Each ArtScape will come with it's individual UV LED light strips. With the sets, they can be linked together with one power source but recommend a hidden outlet so the cords do not show.

ArtScape Two Piece Sets:
Market Value: $1,200.00
Gallery Price $850.00
ArtScape: Three Piece Set
Market Value: $1,550.00
Gallery Price $950.00
Thank you for shopping with us. By purchasing any of Rick's works, you become part of a family of collectors that spans over 50 years. Your art is part of a legacy that will last for generations...