Welcome to the Rick Broome Studios online store. Rick is known as one of the most unique artists in the world. His Starlite technique is something that he has mastered over the past 50 years which takes a painting from a day scene to a night scene under special UV lighting. We have so much more than what is on this store and can customize any work to what you are looking for. If you don't see it, we can do it. Just contact us with what you are looking for. We make any work of art affordable with flexible payment options. Thank you for shopping with us and we look forward to adding you as a collector!

ArtScapes: The combination of Photography and Fine Art...

ArtScapes: Art & Photography coming together
We are traveling towards a new realm of Art by combining amazing photography with fine art. Working with Rick's trademarked Starlite painting style, we are combining the best of photography with his unique style.

ArtScapes is starting with the Amazing photography of the worlds most natural beauty captured by Photographer and overall awesome dude, David Broome. David has lived in Norway for the better part of his adult life and has captured the Aurora Boreal's from all parts of the North.

With Rick's trademarked Starlite's, we found this to be an amazing opportunity to mix two arts together for one effect. Capture the "Northern Lights" in photography and make them Three Dimensional with paint. You will feel like you are there when the lights dim and the ArtScape comes to life.

We expect these to be EXTREMELY POPULAR and are starting with pricing that is affordable to generate a buzz.

To enter the world of ArtScapes, Click on the icon below, "Arctic Wonders..."


All Pricing will include our UV LED lighting. However, due to the cost of framing, we will only offer our Starlite Frame for local pick up and shipping in the Continental US. This is due to costs to ship. Shipping is expensive and we don't want our collectors to pay for something they can have done locally for less. Our details for framing and displaying will come with all Non Framed pieces.

Delivery: All ArtScapes will take minimum 4-6 weeks per painting to complete. We do our best to deliver expeditiously, however, each one is Hand Remastered so they take time to do. You aren't buying a photograph, you are buying a piece of art. One thing that is true is you can't rush art! Each ArtScape will be unique and like no other. Although the image may be the same, the Starlite will be different on each.

Lighting Specs: Specs below are for the Lighting Strip Size. ArtScapes will get 1-2 strips based on size. Strips measure 19.5 inches or 39 inches.

1. 20 inch largest dimension: ONE 19.5 inch Strip.

2. 24-36 inch largest dimension: TWO 19.5 inch Strips.

3. 40 inch to 48 inch largest dimension: TWO 39 inch Strips

SIZING: The minimum size of all ArtScapes will be 20 inches to the largest dimension. We will also offer ArtScapes in Sizes of 30 inches and 40 inches to the Largest dimension. Custom Sizes above 40 inches are quoted but cannot exceed 40 inches on the smallest dimension. Example, the largest size we can produce without losing detail and resolution will be 40x60. NOTE: Not ALL images will be available over 40 inches...