AFA 2020 Starlite Editions: Deposit!!

AFA 2020 Starlite Editions: Deposit!!

AFA 2020 Starlite Editions: Deposit!!
Item# afa2020canSLedi
The ultimate work of art. All Starlites are hand remastered by the artist. They go from a Day scene to a Night scene, or Starlite scene, under special UV Lighting. All Starlites come with the UV LED lighting. All Starlites are now Unframed. We cannot afford to add framing because it is too expensive to offer.

NOTE: Image shown is an example of a Starlite edition. They are difficult to photograph. If you want to see one in person, please contact the studio...

Starlites take about 40-60 hours each to create. We are Limiting the current number of Starlites to 40! 20 of the 16x20 Starlites and 20 of the 20x24 Starlites. Once we reach the limit, additional Starlites will be offered at the full retail value which is around $7,500.00 for the 16x20 and $10,000.00 for the 20x24.

We offer Payment Plans. Because each Starlite takes time to create, we offer the option to pay over time. This includes payments in fourths, thirds, halves, and monthly.

Monthly payment plans are available based on the price. The monthly plan is a 12 month plan broken down to pay in full by graduation. If the art is not paid by graduation, the price will increase monthly the month following graduation.

No art is delivered until Paid In Full! Also, the time to complete will depend on how many commissions Rick has on the books at the time of commissioning. Generally, Starlites are completed within 6-12 months from commissioning but can take longer. We do our best to complete on time but since Rick is the only one qualified to do them, they may take longer...We appreciate your understanding and patience...If you must have your's completed by a certain date, there will be rush charges...
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