2019 Studio Tour: 1 hour tour and artwork retouch by Artist

2019 Studio Tour: 1 hour tour and artwork retouch by Artist

2019 Studio Tour: 1 hour tour and artwork retouch by Artist
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•. MEET THE ARTIST & get your Special 2019 Artist Studio Serial Numbered Proof Edition Class Print too!

•. Limited to only 33 original editions.

•. Tour and private art show! $1500.0 Value for only $419.00. (Delivery or shipping available.)

•. Rick will hand paint the Moon and Stars with his Starlite “glow in the dark” formulation while you watch! Hear and see how Buzz Aldrin helped authenticate too.

•. All this at Ricks amazing Art easel next to their multimillion dollar almost brand new Boeing 727 in the Broome’s Private Art studio and Art Gallery.

• Tour the Boeing 727 airliner Cabin and see the brand new flight deck cockpit with 53 feet of fuselage and brand new nose gear inside their Broadmoor home!

•. The cockpit is brand new and cabin the same size as Trumps Private Boeing 757. This is set up as a Biz jet just like President Trump’s Boeing 757. No Gold however.

•. Cockpit photos additional $25.00 each. Including special photo matte. Shipping extra.

•. Watch Rick Broome paint your Moon and Stars on your Official 2019 Class Painting from the Boeing cabin windows or under the wing of his Boeing 727.

•. Buzz Aldrin personally helped create the special Starlite acrylics on January 17, 2019.

~~~~~~~~~. PHOTO EXAMPLES ~~~~~~. <. Night Starlite. >

•. Family Admission price $419.00 includes Your 2019 Special Starlite Numbered edition plus your choice of 2 rare $400.00 Academy Class Print lithographs; 12 to choose from. (We will send selections when you Book Tour; saves time.)

•. Class Prints from 1975 - 2004 available.

•. Tour and Starlite Class Prints are a $2300.00 Value. Free autographed decorator prints for the kiddos too! (One per kid under 14)

•. Your special hand remarked 16x20 Class Painting will have the “MOON” and Stars in Starlite. When you return home and have your unique original edition on display the moon will glow in the dark! YES!

QUESTIONS? Call the Artists at 719- 439-2662.

•. Book YOUR FAMILY tour by phone today!

•. Limited availability so BOOK your private show and tour of their home and wildlife sanctuary today. Some time slots already booked.

•. See over 60 years of original paintings in their beautiful art gallery all created by Rick.

•. See where President George W Bush turned his life around after his drunken bender at the Golden Bee.

•. See where General Colin Powell hit Ricks Starlite fixture so hard he had to have stitches!

•. Stories alone are worth the price of admission! ONLY $419.00 including 2019 Class Painting.

•. See the Broome’s Private 40 acre wildlife sanctuary and lake valued at $47,000,000.00. This is where Rick and his family raised and released over 10,000 wild ducks since 1977.

Their State Licensed Private Park is unbelievable. Bring your cameras.

•. Book your Scheduled time quickly! Some times are already blocked out!

•. Tours and Starlite painting time average an hour but 1.5 scheduled.

•. When you book your Studio Tour we publish your special Studio Starlite Proofs.

•. Serial Numbers are from 1 to 33.

•. First come = Lowest Serial Number.

FIRST COME First Served: Some tour times are already booked — word of mouth before we could even get this announcement out.


May 23 - May 31. 11:00 through 18:00 hours. Only FIVE per day! Book right now! Book by phone only.

•. Fifty percent deposit balance on completion and delivery.

•. 2019 Starlite remastered Class Painting valued at $1500.00! This based on many previous private commissions.

Your original art will be created especially for you by Hall Of Fame & Living Legend Nominee Rick Broome. Directly in front of your family!



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