2012 Official Class Painting

2012 Official Class Painting

2012 Official Class Painting
Item# afa2012cana2d
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The 2012 Official Class Painting was the first painting created by Rick after not doing the project for 5 years.

The Original measures approximately 22x34, 28x40 framed. This is an Original Acrylic on Artist Tight Weave Canvas.

Featuring 2 F-22 Raptors, this is an incredible piece showing a view from Eagle Peak.

Amazing painting featuring the venerable 757 in Old American colors. Scene shows the 75 landing in Costa Rica or other island airport.

Painting is a Starlite and comes custom framed.


If you purchase this work with a credit card, there will be a processing fee added. Painting will not be sent until proof that transaction is legitimate.

No Shipping unless absolutely necessary. Shipping must be paid in advance and must be sent via Next Day Air.

Buyer must also show they have obtained full insurance on the artwork at the List price which will be sent upon purchase before delivery.

For inquiries, please contact James at: printafa@aol.com
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