2021 Class Painting: Deposit ONLY!!!

2021 Class Painting: Deposit ONLY!!!
This is the initial idea/concept for the 2021 class painting will feature Two A-10s and a B-1 flying low over the Academy. You are placing a DEPOSIT ONLY to Hold an edition of the Class Painting.

We will release Sizes and All Prices by Parents Weekend. By placing a Deposit Today, you are holding an edition of your choice plus, you will get a 10% discount off our initial pricing and a Free Autographed 8x10 of the 1998 Class Painting which inspired this concept.

Starlites: Starlite's are all hand remastered to go from a day scene to a nocturnal scene under special UV LED lighting. We have two sizes and different lighting options. You can order with the lighting only, unframed, or you can order with our special UV LED Starlite Frame. The Starlite Frame is a shadowbox frame with the lights built in. We may also offer in a Gallery Wrap but need to engineer the fixture for the lighting before offering...

All deposits are NON refundable.
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