1996 Canvas Starlite Edition

1996 Starlite Upgrade
1996 Starlite Upgrade
Item# 96SL
Market Value: $7,500.00
Gallery Price $4,500.00
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Artwork Description

If you ordered the Starlite Edition as a Cadet, upgrade now to the Canvas edition. The Canvas Starlite looks like an original painting and is highly valuable. Each Starlite takes about 40 hours minimum to create and comes with our NEW and Improved UV LED Starlite Frame. If you own the Starlite that was available in 1996, you know it's big and bulky. The new Starlites weigh less than 3 pounds and the LED lights are 10X brighter. Plus, the lighting lasts up to 100K hours. Plus, keep your old Starlite!

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