1982 Reunion Specials. ThunderBirds II

1982 Reunion Special: Thunderbirds II
1982 Reunion Special: Thunderbirds II
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Artwork Description

NOTE: The Paper Edition Lithograph has been pulled due to damage on the prints by water. Only 3 were good out of the 30 prints. Only Canvas Editions are available...

The 1982 official class painting is one of the most historic pieces Rick has created. The painting features the F-16 Thunderbirds with a proposed paint scheme. The Bomb Burst depicted is similar the "ThunderBirds" which was the first lithograph created of an Academy Class Painting.

Other interesting information is that Colin Powell's blood is actually in the paint on the original painting. He was visiting Rick while he worked on the piece and accidentally knocked Rick's 100 lb overhead light off of the chain. The fixture fell on top of both Colin and Rick and cut Colin's head pretty good. He bled onto the painting and Rick did not see it. When all cleared and he got the light off and cleaned the painting he sealed his blood onto the piece not knowing it was there. This makes the original one with real blood, sweat, and tears in it!

We are giving an additional $100.00 Credit to any graduate from the class of 82 who purchased a lithograph as a cadet.

GIVING BACK! We will be giving back a portion of each sale to the Class of 1982. This is our way of saying thank you and a way for us to continue to support Academy Grads!

NOTE ON FREE SHIPPING: If you would like us to ship the art to you for free, we will do so up until two weeks before the reunion. All orders taken up to one week before the reunion will be shipped the week following the reunion. At Checkout, choose the Reunion Shipping option from the dropdown menu.


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