1982 Starlite Edition: $2482.00!!! List Price: $3,500.00

1982 Canvas Starlite Edition: DEPOSIT ONLY
1982 Canvas Starlite Edition: DEPOSIT ONLY
Item# 82SL
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Artwork Description

NOTE: Image shown is a visual of how a Starlite looks under special UV Lighting. Starlite shown is the 2005 Class Painting.

All Starlites are hand re-done by the Artist and transform from a Day Scene to a Night Scene under special UV lighting. All Starlites come with our special UV LED Starlite Frame.

List Price of the 1982 Starlite is $3500.00 for the 20x24. We are offering the Starlites for a special price through August for just $2482.00.

Payment Plans Accepted! We accept payments for all Starlite editions. If you choose a plan from the dropdown above, we will contact you with the payment amounts. Starlites also come with your choice of hidden vignettes and or custom patches. You will be contacted upon commissioning about options available.

The Starlite Editions are the closest thing to owning the Original Painting. Each Starlite is considered a Derivative Original and comes with an estimated fair market value. These are valuable works.

Delivery Schedules. Each Starlite takes about 45-55 studio hours to complete. This translates to 4-6 months wait time from commissioning at the earliest. The time to create solely depends on Rick's current workload. We ask for patience when you commission a Starlite because Rick cannot rush them. No two are the same and they are truly one of the most unique works of art you can own...

Thank you for shopping with us. By purchasing any of Rick's works, you become part of a family of collectors that spans over 50 years. Your art is part of a legacy that will last for generations...