1979 Class Print: "Above & Beyond" infamous LCWB painting. The first Official USAFA Class Print.

USAFA 1979 Official Class Print "Above & Beyond"
The 1979 Official Class Painting was the First Limited Edition Lithograph that was made available to the Cadets. Sponsored by the AOG, this print nearly Sold Out upon release. Only a few hundered prints remain in stock out of the 1979 prints published. All the prints were published with the hidden "LCWB" in the painting. After learning about this infamous hidden vignette, Rick was asked to paint out the LCWB in the Original Painting in order for it to be on display. This painting still hangs proudly in Arnold Hall...

USAFA 1979 "Above & Beyond" Official Class Print
Market Value: $400.00
Gallery Price $279.00
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